Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scenes from the deck of the Ballerina

Sailing the Pacific coastline gave us opportunity to see sights impossible from the land. When the weather cooperated we took as many pictures as we could. Some of these scenes are described in the book. Others are now just memories.  When the seas were rough we were too busy to take photographs. The first picture will show how harsh the sea can be.

Here I am holding the remains of our flag after it was ripped to shreds during a storm.

The southern tip of Catalina Island

This is called the Baja California Spur

Beautiful sunset behind an island at sea

The Island of Cedros - where I broke my hand on an anchor chain.

Turtle Bay where we bought our first fuel at sea.

Barge passing in the evening

Cabo San Lucas at night

Leaving Cabo San Lucas

Sun setting over the sea

Coming into Mazatlan, Mexico

Will be adding a video of dolphins swimming and jumping alongside the boat next time, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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