Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What are the comments about Two Fools And A Cat? Nothing is as encouraging as a kind word. Here are a few comments from real people like yourself.

English Bulldog .... what a great read this was ... very reccomended .. well worth .77p 
i would of easy paid 4-5 pound for it ... well done 

Reece Bourne .... I am so very Proud to be able to read this. ... an inspiration to me because like me we share some things but you just stand up high and take a dream and turn it into a Reality!  you  have accomplished something so very Special. I Envy you both.

hardymeagan ...  the women follow their dream and reading their story makes you feel like you are right there with them on the boat! There are twists and turns throughout, like any good story.  I found the story easy to read and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it read like a diary.

 Tina W. Martin ... This is a story about following your dreams... a sailing adventure of a lifetime.  This is a very interesting book about their adventure. .It takes you through all of the struggles and mishaps they go through on the journey.

You??? ...  Feel free to post your fellings about the book ... we love to hear from you!

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