Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nautical Terms

In writing this book I tried to use common language to not confuse the reader but there are a few things as a sailor I took for granted were common knowledge. I apologize and will list here a few things to learn.

Port = the left side of the boat looking forward
Starboard = the right side of the boat looking forward
Aft = the back of the boat
Fore = the front of the boat
Standing rigging = the metal cables holding up the mast
Mast = the pole the sails attach to
Boom = the horizontal pole attached to the mast the bottom of the sail attaches to
Knot =  1.150... miles per hour thus 40 knots  =  46 MPH
Sheets = Lines at base of sail to move sails where they best catch the wind
Jib or Genoa = the front sail
Mainsail = the large sail at the center 
Mizzen = The sail at the rear of the boat
Tack = the side of the boat the sails are on
Reef = reducing the amount of sail in the wind by rolling in or tying a section of the sail down
Windlass = the winch used to bring in the anchor chain
Fathom = six feet
Beam = the width of a boat
Pulpit = the steel guardrails at the front and rear of the boat
Stantions = The metal supports along the deck that hold lines to prevent falling overboard
Keel = the shape of the bottom of the boat (ours is a full keel extending the full length of the boat)
Wind vane =  a device attached to the rear of a boat that has a rudder to adjust course based on the direction of the wind
Swell = about 1/3 the height of a wind generated wave
Helm = the area where the boat is controlled
Sole = the floor inside the boat
V-berth = sleeping area in the foremost part of the boat (usually V shaped)
Head = the bathroom
Galley = the kitchen
Chartplotter = an electronic device that shows your location and other information
Radar = an electronic device that shows anything above the waterline
Bilge = the area under the sole that collects excess water that comes into the boat
Mooring = permanent anchors placed in the water to tie a boat to
Slip = area in a marina to tie up a boat

I have tried to cover the basics as simply as I can. If you want to know more feel free to ask. 

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