Saturday, December 31, 2011

Photos of The Ballerina

Because most of this book involves The Ballerina, today I will post some photos of her.
This was taken at the shipyard in Long Beach California the day I bought her. We had her removed from the water to inspect the bottom.
This was taken in her slip in San Pedro California just prior to leaving for Mexico.
Here is the teak wheel in the helm area.
This is the galley where all the meals were prepared.
The dining area. Smokey found a place behind the cushions here to hide when things were rough,
Here is the settee where I rested when sailing at night during calm weather.
This is the bed in the V-berth.
These teak cabinets are on the starboard side of the stateroom.
The navigation station where I keep my charts. All the electronic equipment is also located in this area.
Several of the ports are decorated with colored ocean themed scenes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Two Fools And A Cat chronicles the journey of Kim, Jazzymyne and their cat Smokey. This blog will contain photographs, maps and other bits of information not contained in the book. You can follow along as you read the book or simply browse the blog posts before or after you purchase the book at It is also listed with goodreads.  Kim and Jazzymyne currently reside in Cocoa, Florida and have added another cat named Cocoa to their family. Kim continues surfing in the warmer Florida waters and is currently doing a series of oil paintings based on their adventure.